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Posted on: June 2, 2009

I have one more assignment to go before i seat for my final. I working on it since last week. BUTTTT it can be finish untill today. Arghhhh so stresss. I don’t know weather i don’t have enough time to think or my feeling is not up to 80% to do it. I lost my focus. And it is so bother me. Please…please….and pleasee. Get someone to inspire me please…!


Having quite heavy lunch today (heavy for me) and my mind was almost at home. Dreaming of lying on my bed. Sleeping for all day long. Ok..i need to be patient. My final is just around the corner. And..i got a few assignment to go.

1) Bussiness Com
~ presentation 30/05 at 2pm
things that i’m going to present still not prepare yet. Grr…
~ communication project submit before final need to do a bit touch up on my analysis part and proceed to conclusion section. have to prepare on team procedure as well. all need to be settle within this week and
current condition 50% of progress only hehehe

2) Kemahiran Berfikir
~ presentation on 30/05 at 4.30pm
contain all checked. will done by other group members. have to prepare myself to present my part.
~ assignment should submit this week
all questions are answered. proof reading before print it out. and send this saturday during presentation.

1) Statistic ~ notes all checked. the best reference is our teks book. And it soooo thick. Soo not easy to bring anywhere
2) Microeconomic ~ all notes have been print. i just need one plenty of time to read it from cover to cover.
3) Bussiness Com ~ book reading….
4) Kemahiran ~ book reading….

Erk…so many books to read??? Dammit!

the gap is just about a month¬†before i seat my¬†final…gosh!
i’m crushing time day by day. arghhh stress…stresss…..
plus, i have to prepare my assignment as well.
good package to have in tense situation.

cool down…i am a cool blooded remember!
act i don’t even know my blood type too. hahahahha

It’s time for me to change my study style.¬†Iwant to be more ready when i seat for a paper. Last minute study is just synonymm to me (now n before). At this current condition¬†the style¬†no longer workable. Result will be damn bad. But still with a¬†pass grade. Isn’t really bad actually.

Getting tough and tough

Yesterday, i seat for a paper called managerial economy. During my 1st¬†class, i talk to myself i ‘ll gonna like this subject. And I do like economy nowadays. However….the paper was really tough for me. Need to educate myself about it. Some say, M.E is more hard from MICRO. I don’t have any idea. I don’t even know MICRO and MACRO either. 1st chapter will be fine with me. Turn to 2nd chapter..then i realise…gosh…its hard. And i think..time is too short for me. Hehehe. I couldn’t find¬†a right time to cover the whole chapter.

Same goes with¬†stat. It’s a different story from¬†previous stat that i¬†taken during finishing my dip. . Totally different. More complicated. And more statistic to go.

These 2 killer paper i need to have a better look. Good grade yeah!

Damn sleepy  and almost 5pm now.

Which refer to my current email conversation just now. I have to be firm and square when it comes to mention a grouping task. People might give a good commitment and might not. Then i have to decide and instruct anybody without any option to choose either Yes or No.

Cruel for a better result is a good practice too. I can’t accept hypocrisy and¬†i pray for not be in the society. I rather do things alone from be with type of people¬†mention.

Play safe. Unacceptable attitude.

In my own reason, be responsible to urself is a highest achievement for a whole life. That’s the KEY of everything. People will respect others based on their capability¬†and achievement.

Cruel doesn’t¬†mean a bad thing
Cruel doesn’t mean u have to kill people
Cruel doesn’t mean u can’t help people (just like robin hood)


Posted on: April 2, 2009

nothing much i can say for start a new year. i do feel bless due to current condition ~ economy crisis. I still got a job (i can say its good) i can further my study…and i would say, this is the best time for. money wise..under control eventho my saving is reducing last year.

¬†i make myself to invest in retirement plan. been introduced by wendy (insurance agent) it is a best time to invest with ur own money? i feel so. for a past 5 years ago, i made a fixed saving in to my account. and the money still there. at that time, i reject any proposal that came¬†for title¬†investment. why?because i need something that¬†flexible to myself. Flexible means…if in necessary situation i can get my money immediately. without to wait for maturity period. thats¬†was¬†meant for that.

Besides…i have my other insurance plan to be backup. Now i feel like im addicted to insurance. hehee…Instead of mutual investment (which need¬†much money to get start) i bought an insurance plan.¬†In future, i do plan to get into investment one day. Nobody knows what is going to happen to you in next 5 years…or 10 years. Backup is a need.

Oh…addicted to…Yeah money is important. We live for a money. We worked for a money, we ate for a money. Everything is related to money. Agree or not, our life been control by power of money.

nevertheless…i should be thankful to GOD, anticipation is almost everywhere. i need to prepare myself for that.

Exhausted! is the right word to be describe myself at this moment. I’m still¬†try to adapt this new phase in my life (not MARRIED LIFE am saying, still single) and yet i can’t manage my time very well. Too bad. I believe in faith….and i do believe the best moment will be show up. Motivate! Motivate!

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